Üçler Insaat performing activities in all areas of the construction, performs successfully the projects such as House, business place, Plaza, government projects, heavy industry Facilities, Steel Industry Facilities, Sports Fields Constructions, Infrastructure Constructions, Highways and Crossways, Bridges, Energy Lines.

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House and Business Place Construction

We undertake the projects such as House Projects, Business Places and Plazas, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Hospitals and we finish them quickly and economically as turn-key.

Industrial Construction

We undertake your industrial building constructions such as Heavy Industry Facilities, Steel Industry Facilities, Treatment Facilities from the project stage to finishing.

Infrastructure Constructions

We undertake highway and Crossway, Bridge, Energy Lines, Barrages, Installation and Mounting Works, Channels and any kind of Infrastructure works, excavation and bracing works.

Sports Facilities Construction

We perform successfully construction of sports fields such as construction and maintenance and germinating of green fields (football, tennis, golf etc.), construction of swimming pools etc.


We are aiming to perform better than good always and to understand requirements of our customers within the direction of honesty which is our primary principle at our reliable, quality economic projects that we have delivered in time.


We work at the projects that we undertake, with an understanding in conformity with universal quality principles which is following closely and applying the technology.


We aim to provide the most reasonable prices and payment options at all of our projects that we apply by following closely the market conditions.


Transparency, Honesty, Sharing our Acknowledge and Experiences with our Customers and being reliable in our words are our most important principles.

Environment Friendly

We give our services as fully in conformity with current law and regulations with an environmentalist understanding respect to nature and creatures.


Küçükbakkalköy Mah. Gedikpaşa Sk. No 6/2 Ataşehir / İstanbul/Turkey


+90 216 606 17 56